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The Naples News reports that Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, is beginning a new venture - a gourmet hamburger delivery business there that he is calling Gyrene Hamburger.

According to the story, “Gyrene Hamburger will only sell hamburgers, which will make the operation run more efficiently and speed delivery. There will be no sides and no drinks.

“There will be two hamburger choices, with each burger costing a little less than $6: The classic with ketchup, mustard and pickle and the deluxe with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Both hamburgers will have double Angus beef patties, plus cheese and bacon.”

The story also says that there will be no seating, that there will be pick-up but not a drive-through, that delivery will be free with a two-burger minimum, that delivery will hopefully will be in 15 minutes or less, and that “drivers will only go 1.5 miles from the store, carrying only one order at a time and jogging the final steps to the customers.”

If the venture is successful, Monaghan says, he eventually will start selling franchises - and he says that he thinks it can be bigger than Domino’s.

Monaghan, now 76, is also the former owner of the Detroit Tigers. He sold Domino’s in 1998 to focus on building Ave Maria University.
KC's View:
I’m not sure that in an age when people want everything they buy to be customized for their own tastes, that hamburgers only being served two ways will have national appeal. But hey, people don’t get rich by underestimating Tom Monaghan.