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Advertising Age reports that after watching the Greek yogurt trend catch fire in the US, as “two little-known companies, Chobani and Fage” created the trend and rode it to “massive sales gains,” Dannon and Yoplait are finally getting into the act. Both companies, the story says, “have launched their own Greek versions backed by aggressive marketing, setting up round two in this closely watched grocery battle.”

Sergio Fuster, senior VP-marketing for Dannon, tells Ad Age that the company missed the Greek yogurt trend at least in part because it misjudged the appeal: "You decide to invest in factories only when you see something huge coming. I think we all saw this thing coming, but the doubt on the size that it would take probably is what created the difference in the speed of the different companies in approaching the markets."

The story also notes that the Greek yogurt purveyors managed to effectively combine the notions of health and taste, and successfully communicate to consumer that they could have an affordable, healthy indulgence - enough so that they eclipsed the biggest yogurt manufacturers in the US.

Ad Age writes that while both Dannon and Yoplait have begun making their own versions of Greek yogurt, they are hedging their bets a bit, not overplaying the Greek connection, concerned that, as Fuster says, Greece is seen as “too old, so it's not modern.”
KC's View:
It is sort of ironic that as Greece seems to be collapsing, its yogurt is catching fire ... maybe if they could get a nickel for every tub of Greek yogurt sold, the country would be in better financial shape.

But seriously ... the rise of Chobani and Fage, and the asleep-at-the-switch position of Dannon and Yoplait, is yet another vivid example of how people and companies have to be awake to the possibility that at any moment, someone can come along and steal your customers away. No matter how entrenched you may be.