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USA Today reports that “as the economy continues to tank and unemployment in the core 18- to 24-year-old target hovers near 20%, some of the biggest names in fast food — from Pizza Hut to Subway to Taco Bell— are back with eye-popping deals.

“It's not because the fast-food behemoths want to go so low. It's because they have to. After some improvement late last year and earlier this year, the $236 billion fast-food industry — with the notable exception of McDonald's — is mostly heading south, again.

“The statistics are alarming. The number of annual restaurant visits by a typical Millennial has plummeted from 245 visits five years ago to 192 this year, NPD Group reports. That's one less visit every week. In July, the most recent month reported, restaurant performance slipped to its lowest level in nearly a year as owners — seeing softening sales — downgraded plans for capital spending and offered up their worst overall performance expectations in 20 months, says a National Restaurant Association survey.”
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