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In the Major League Divisional Playoffs...

In the American League...The New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers are tied at one game apiece, with the Yankees winning Saturday (after a Friday rainout) 9-3 and the Tigers winning yesterday 5-3. And, the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers also are tied at one apiece, with Tampa winning Friday night 9-0 and Texas winning Saturday 8-6.

In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals are tied at one game apiece, with the Phillies winning on Saturday 11-6 and the Cards winning yesterday 5-4. The Milwaukee Brewers, however, have a 2-0 game lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks, winning on Saturday 4-1 and yesterday 9-4.

In Week Four of National Football League action...

Carolina 29
Chicago 34

Buffalo 20
Cincinnati 23

Tennessee 31
Cleveland 13

Detroit 34
Dallas 30

Pittsburgh 10
Houston 17

New Orleans 23
Jacksonville 10

Minnesota 17
Kansas City 22

San Francisco 24
Philadelphia 23

Washington 17
St. Louis 10

NY Giants 31
Arizona 27

Atlanta 30
Seattle 28

Denver 23
Green Bay 49

New England 31
Oakland 19

Miami 16
San Diego 26

NY Jets 17
Baltimore 34
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