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• Published reports say that a leaked memo from says that six weeks before the online retailer begins shipping its new tablet computer, the Kindle Fire, it is selling an average of 2,000 units per hour ... or close to 50,000 units a day.

If the pattern continues, that would mean that by the time the actual Kindle Fire reaches a consumer’s hands, Amazon will have sold in excess of two million of them. MSNBC writes that “of course, at $199, the high demand isn’t a huge surprise. Based on the sales numbers, it looks like people are willing to overlook the Kindle Fire’s shortcomings compared with the iPad, including the lack of 3G mobile broadband and front-facing camera.”
KC's View:
These may not quite be iPad 2 numbers, but they are significant - especially because there are other companies getting out of the tablet business because they could not make it work.

The revolution continues ...