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In the American League Divisional Series, the Texas Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3, winning the best-of-five series three games to one and moving onto the AL Championship Series.

And, in the other ALDS, the New York Yankees staved off elimination with a convincing 10-1 win over the Detroit Tigers, evening the best-of-five series at two games apiece.

In the National League Divisional Series, the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2, and the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Milwaukee Brewers 8-1 ... giving the Phillies and the Brewers 2-1 leads in their respective best-of-five series.
KC's View:
One of the problems with making predictions before the playoffs began is that when one is wrong, it gets tossed back at you.

Which explains the following email from MNB user Mark Brookshire:

Did you say Rays over Rangers?

Yes, I did. Yes, I was wrong. Let’s see how my other picks - the Tigers, Phillies and Brewers - do. (Keep in mind...I have no dog in this hunt. I gave up my World Series hopes back in April.) is a great idea. The Red Sox should hire Bobby Valentine to be their new manager.