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USA Today reports on a new study from Harvard medical School saying that “teens often are clueless about the number of calories in fast-food meals, underestimating the amount by hundreds of calories.”

The study says that “80% of young people underestimated the calories in their meals,” “30% underestimated the amount by 500 or more calories,” and that “those who ordered 1,000-calorie meals underestimated the amount by an average of 350 calories,” while “those who ordered 1,500-calorie meals were off by 700 calories.”

• As expected, Friendly’s filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. The company said it will close 63 of its weaker locations, while keeping 424 open. Reuters reports that Friendly’s “intends to sell the business to an affiliate of its current owner, Sun Capital Partners Inc. A restructuring expert said the planned sale was a sign of confidence in the long-term business.”
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