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Tesco announced that its US division, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets, will begin rolling out its card-based loyalty marketing program chain-wide next week.

The ‘Friends of Fresh & Easy” card, the chain says, was “incredibly well received” by customers in Bakersfield, California, where the program was tested at seven stores. Plans to roll out the program at the end of the year were advanced by several months, the company says.

According to the announcement, “The ‘Friends’ card builds on the international success of Tesco’s Clubcard and the ‘Friends of Fresh & Easy’ email program. ‘Friends’ is a digital points-based program where customers can earn one point for every dollar they spend at Fresh & Easy. ‘Friends’ can exchange their points for cash-back rewards and will receive personalized bi-weekly emails with real-time updates on points earned and targeted bonus point coupons.”
KC's View:
The expectation here is that Fresh & Easy will also use the program to get a better sense of what people want and need, which will allow it to better target them through savvier selection and more focused promotional programs.

The only question is whether management will be shaking its collective head wondering why it didn’t do this a lot earlier.