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A new study from Ipsos suggests that “tablet ownership increases the frequency of mobile shopping, improves the purchase experience – and makes consumers who own both devices use their smartphone more often.”

According to the study, people who own tablet computers buy almost twice as much from their mobile devices as people who only have smart phones, and that those people who have both a tablet computer and a smart phone made an average of more than 20 mobile purchases over the past year. In addition, the study says, “nearly two-thirds of dual owners indicated higher overall spending due to their mobile purchasing activity.”

In addition, Internet Retailer reports on a new study from Accenture saying that 59 percent of online shoppers say that they plan to do most of their holiday gift shopping online - up from 41 percent who said the same thing a year ago.

“Among consumers who do go into stores,” Internet Retailer reports, “more than half (54%) of consumers who say they will use their mobile phones for shopping this year say they will use their phones to compare prices in stores; 35% say they will use tablet computers for the same purpose.

“43% of consumers planning to shop with a smartphone expect the device will help them get better discounts, while 36% of tablet shoppers feel the same. 32% say they will use a mobile device to receive alerts when a product is in stock.”
KC's View:
Sure, many of these folks are early adopters. But the momentum is growing, and penetration is going to happen a lot faster than anyone might have predicted a few years ago.