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by Kevin Coupe

Got a press release yesterday that struck me as interesting...

There’s a new company in Connecticut called Wise Waste that has partnered with a three-store IGA retailer, Tri-Town Foods, and White Gate Farm, a local organic farm. And what Wise Waste does is “facilitate the transportation of compostable materials from grocery stores, restaurants and other establishments that produce food waste, directly to the farm.”

According to the release, Tri-Town stores get several benefits. The stores participate by “separating their compostable materials for recycling, citing their desire to become as environmentally friendly as possible and to support local businesses.  Tri-Town Foods has made numerous upgrades in the past few years aimed at reducing total kilowatt usage and reducing their carbon footprint. Local sourcing of product is an integral part of their business plan. Tri-Town Foods has made it a priority to provide local products in their stores including produce from White Gate Farm, closing the loop on full-circle use.”

It may be that there are dozens of initiatives like this one happening all over the country, but I still found this Eye-Opening. The idea that a small, three store company would invest in this sort of circle-of-life program is something that I find heartening. And worth paying attention to.
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