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by Kevin Coupe

Yesterday, MNB reported that there was a least a little criticism of the new Wegmans in Massachusetts by the Boston Herald, which pointed out that despite its promise to have the lowest prices in the market, a Market Basket store 37 miles away was lower by $1.80 on a list of 25 staple items.

In response to that story, we received more than a dozen emails from MNB users who criticized the Herald story as not understanding the differences between Wegmans and Market Basket, as not understanding that 37 miles is a long distance between supermarkets, and as not understanding that Wegmans’ value proposition is unique.

And, almost all of these emails suggested that I look at a blog posting by a customer who not only has a unique relationship with Wegmans, but a compelling story about the retailer’s customer service levels.

It is worth watching, and you can see it here.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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