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The Chicago Sun Times reports that First Lady Michelle Obama will travel to Chicago tomorrow as part of her nationwide effort to promote healthy eating and fight childhood obesity. Included in her itinerary will be a meeting with a number of urban mayors dealing with urban food policy issues and looking to solve the problem of “food deserts,” as well visits to a South Side Walgreens that has “aisles of grocery items,”and the seven-acre Iron Street Farm that is in the city limits. The First Lady reportedly is looking to celebrate companies that have committed themselves to buying local, selling healthier foods, and finding appropriate public policy approaches to address nutrition and obesity issues.
KC's View:
This, of course, is also about politics - the First Lady also will be doing some fund raising in Chicago as the Obama administration prepares for the coming presidential campaign. (Coming? At this point, it almost feels like it has been underway for months. I’m already exhausted.)

But that doesn’t change the fact that focusing on food deserts makes sense, and prodding companies into making investments that address this problem is smart public policy.