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• The Boston Globe reports that Massachusetts state officials are saying that “they will improve oversight of seafood sales in Massachusetts after the results of a Globe investigation published this week revealed widespread mislabeling at area restaurants, and few controls to protect diners from potential health risks and overpaying for fish ... The five-month investigation showed that consumers routinely and unknowingly pay too much for less prized fish or buy seafood that is something other than what is advertised on menus. Nearly half the 183 fish samples reporters purchased at restaurants, grocery stores, and seafood markets were sold with the wrong species name.”

• Food Lion yesterday unveiled 25 newly-remodeled stores in the Lynchburg, Va., and Danville, Va., areas that have been under construction since March and that, it says, “will offer customers an improved shopping atmosphere with expanded product selections at great prices.”

“This is an exciting time for Food Lion and our customers, as we celebrate a fresh, new look, a greater selection of products and a renewed focus on service,” said Larry Cassels, Director of Operations for Food Lion’s northeastern region encompassing the Lynchburg, Va., and Danville, Va., markets.  “We are enhancing our customers’ shopping experience through a more inviting interior design, and we have also expanded our fresh departments, including produce, meats and deli/bakery. Additionally, as part of our remodeling efforts, we have new customer service and checkout areas to provide a speedy and efficient checkout process for our customers.”

• The National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) and its 122 member and associate food co-ops said yesterday that they will be joining in the observation of the International Year of Cooperatives that has been declared by the United Nations. The observation, according to the announcement, “aims to increase public awareness about cooperatives and to promote the formation and growth of cooperatives worldwide.”
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