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by Kevin Coupe

I’ve only just cracked open the new Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, but I have been reading a lot about it in the media. The coverage in Advertising Age struck me as particularly interesting, since it made a specific observation with broader implications.

The story says:

“It is a portrait of someone who innately got marketing but also worked hard at it, putting time and effort and money and passion into the work and the key relationships behind it. Sure, he reamed out ad and PR folks left and right, but he never let short-term anger interfere with the long view. As such, the Apple-TBWA union has been an outlier in a world where the client-agency relationships are dominated by impatience, fear of risk, bean-counting procurement processes, and tenures of marketing executives that barely outlive a fruit fly.”

That’s an important and Eye-Opening observation, that Jobs “never let short-term anger interfere with the long view.”

These days, that’s not always a quality shared - or valued - in a lot of companies. Short-term profits and performance and tactical moves have become more important than the strategic long-term view, which should be designed to foster sustainable excellence.
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