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The Dayton Business Journal reports that demand for Yuengling beer, which Ohioans used to bring back from Pittsburgh in the trunks of their cars, in Ohio has actually caused a two week delay in plans to start selling the beer there.

According to the story, it will now be available on November 14 instead of on October 31, because of sky-high demand.

Because of projections, the brewery “opted to roll out Yuengling launches in Ohio in phases. The company introduced Yuengling into the Cleveland and Columbus markets Oct. 3 and slated the beer’s arrival in Dayton for Oct. 31.

“However, demand for the beer was greater than expected, with Cleveland sales alone doubling projections ... Because of the demand in other markets ... the company opted to delay the sale of packaged beer until enough product is available to distribute it fairly.”
KC's View:
Nice problem to have, huh?