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On Friday night, in the seventh and deciding game of the MLB World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers 6-2.

And there was joy in Mudville....

And, in Week Eight of the National Football League:

Arizona 27
Baltimore 30

Minnesota 24
Carolina 21

Jacksonville 14
Houston 24

Miami 17
NY Giants 20

New Orleans 21
St. Louis 31

Indianapolis 10
Tennessee 27

Washington 0
Buffalo 23

Detroit 45
Denver 10

New England 17
Pittsburgh 25

Cincinnati 34
Seattle 12

Cleveland 10
San Francisco 20

Dallas 7
Philadelphia 34

KC's View:
I had the privilege of attending the seventh game of the World Series on Friday night because of the generosity of my good friend Joanie Taylor, and it was one of the greatest sporting events I’ve ever attended. Great game. Great baseball city. Great fans.