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Andy Rooney, who retired from his longtime job as a cranky and curmudgeonly commentator on “60 Minutes” just a month ago, passed away on Friday. He was 92, and CBS News said he died after complications following minor surgery.
KC's View:
To be honest, I was never an enormous Andy Rooney fan. Too many of his diatribes - against women’s shoes and handbags, and chocolate chip cookies, for example - just struck me as specious. Just not my thing.

Sometimes, he was trenchant and pointed, especially when writing and talking about war; he’d covered World War II, and he had credibility on this issue. Sometimes, when writing about gay rights and Hispanic baseball players, he showed himself to be hopelessly out of date.

But here’s what I admired about him. Pretty much every day, for more than five decades, he showed up for work, sat down at the keyboard, and wrote. Jokes for Arthur Godfrey. Documentaries for Harry Reasoner. Newspaper columns. Books. Commentaries for “60 Minutes.” Countless words and sentences and paragraphs, delivered with consistency and wit and on deadline.

In my world view, that is getting to done.