retail news in context, analysis with attitude

The New York Times this morning notes that “retailers, eager to be the first to draw customers on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, are pulling the equivalent of the Republican primary shuffle by opening earlier and earlier than competitors ... But judging from the negative reaction among dedicated Friday after Thanksgiving shoppers on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, the wave of midnight openings this year has crossed a line.

“Part of the objection is inconvenience. To be at or near the front of the line, shoppers say they will now have to leave home hours earlier — in the middle of the turkey dinner for some. But the wider objections reflect sentiments like those of the Occupy Wall Street movement, including a growing attention to the rights of workers and a wariness of decisions by big business.

“Either way, many in the shop-till-you-drop crowd have had enough with Black Friday creep.”
KC's View:
I think I was making this precise point yesterday. But I’m glad the Times has caught up with me.

I would point out to the disenchanted shoppers that they don’t have to be first on line, whenever the stores open - they are making a choice and allowing themselves to be manipulated by clever and aggressive marketers. I agree, though, that Thanksgiving ought to be one of those sacrosanct holidays.