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The Los Angeles Times reports on two studies from the University of Rhode Island saying that obesity may not just be related to what we eat, but how fast we eat it.

According to the story, “Researchers discovered that people who ate quickly consumed about 3.1 ounces of food per minute, versus 2.5 ounces per minute for medium-speed eaters and 2 ounces per minute for slow eaters.

“For those who question whether men eat more than women, wonder no more: At lunch, men ate about 80 calories per minute, while women ate about 52 calories per minute. At breakfast and dinner, men still consumed more calories per minute than women, but the gap wasn't so wide. Still, the researchers reported that men who said they ate slowly ate at about the same rate as women who said they ate quickly.”

In addition, the story says that researchers “discovered that people with a higher body mass index in general ate much faster than those with a lower BMI. Also, foods with whole grains (whole grain cereal and whole wheat toast) were eaten more slowly than similar foods made with refined grains.”
KC's View:
Best I can tell, the study did not seem to address one major cause of fast eating - being part of a big family.

I was the oldest of seven kids, and one of the reasons I learned to eat fast was because it was the only way to get seconds. (Which is, of course, another issue.) It is, unfortunately, a hard habit to break as one gets older...