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The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) announced over the weekend that it has joined with the US government and the World Bank in what is described as an “innovative public private partnership that has pledged $1 million for the creation of the world’s first Global Food Safety Fund for capacity building.  To be managed by the World Bank, the proposed fund will leverage the tripartite approach pioneered in APEC that enlists a wide range of stakeholders in training programs designed to enhance food safety and to facilitate trade.  

According to the announcement, “In the next decade, the fund is expected to grow to $15-$20 million.  The fund has three main food safety goals:

• “Developing, testing and validating pilot programs in APEC that will result in reproducible training modules which can be customized for roll out to developing countries all around the world. These programs would focus on critical needs-- supply chain management, food safety incident management, laboratory competency, risk analysis and strengthening food safety regulatory systems.”

• “Addressing high priority food hazards, such as aflatoxins in grain, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, and viral and bacterial pathogens in seafood.”

• “Strengthening Analytics and Metrics – much needed for consistent, reliable and scaleable testing, designing, and evaluation of the performance of food safety systems.”
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