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The Chicago Tribune reports that a Target employee named Anthony Hardwick, “is protesting the Minneapolis-based retailer's decision to open its doors at midnight on Thanksgiving, saying the demand on its employees is going a step too far ... More than 6,700 people have signed his petition on advocacy website, calling for Target to reverse its decision. Hardwick, who works for Target in Nebraska, hopes to get 50,000 signatures.”

The planned Target opening at midnight on Black Friday is five hours earlier than last year - though several hours later than Walmart is planning to open for the holiday weekend.
KC's View:
You go, Anthony.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that has not been tarnished by overt commercialism. There’s probably no way to tamp down on Black Friday, but this whole “open at midnight” stuff is for the birds.

One other thing. These retailers keep trying to create a shopping frenzy by opening earlier and earlier with harder and faster promotions. Recent experience has shown that this can appeal to people’s worst instincts, and then somebody gets trampled in the madness. And killed.

This happens again, especially with all the early openings going on now, and these retailers are going to bear at least some of the responsibility. IMHO.