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The Coinstar Grocery Snapshot Survey is out, with the following findings:

• 81 percent of consumers “are spending the same amount or more money on groceries in the last three months (August - October) than they did in the three months before.”

• “56 percent of consumers have used more coupons within the past 6 months than they have in the past.”

• “57 percent of consumers say they are most encouraged to use loyalty or value cards when instant rewards are credited to their current purchase.”

• “Consumers are relying more on the money they have in their pockets, using debit cards (42%) or cash (27%) as their primary form of payment for groceries.”

When asked what constitutes great customer service in supermarkets, shoppers told Coinstar it is 1) knowledgeable and friendly employees (63%), 2) varied, extensive, and well-organized inventory (62%), and 3) ease and speed of the experience made possible by efficient staff (61%).
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