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National Public Radio reports on new projections made by Mark Huffman, assistant professor of preventive medicine and cardiology at Northwestern University, who says that based on current growth rates, 83 percent of American men and 72 percent of American women will be overweight or obese by 2020.

“The implications go far beyond tight pants and groaning sofas,” NPR wrote. “Obesity is a big risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes (and) imagining an America of overweight, unhealthy people gives public health officials the willies.”

Huffman suggests a multi-dimensional approach to the problem, that “people need help on the individual level, Huffman says, but changes are also needed that affect large groups of people, like easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and more physical education classes in schools.”

"It's not one versus the other,” Huffman says.
KC's View:
He’s right. It is not either/or. Facing and dealing with this problem actually requires some level of sophistication.

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