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The New York Times this morning reports on how daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are going beyond their practice of sending emails to subscribers, informing them of short-term discounts and offering a link that allows people to access those discounts.

“Mobile apps are now erasing even that labor,” the Times writes. “Open the free apps, and the only remaining bit of work may be opening your wallet. The bonus: mobile software makes it easier to find deals when you’re actually in a position to capitalize on them.”
KC's View:
The Times story makes the point that some of these applications can be sort of clunky, but the broader message, it seems to me, is the ability of marketers to create relevant messages that get to shoppers at relevant times. This can be compelling.

Had an interesting experience yesterday that demonstrated the power of the daily deal. Saw an email last evening from Groupon advertising a big discount on Tumi luggage. I wasn’t in the market for anything, but I love my new Tumi suitcase and so I clicked through to check it out ... and discovered that it was sold out. Even though I wasn’t shopping, I was disappointed ... and my first thought was that I need to check my Groupon and LivingSocial emails more often.