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Marketing Daily reports that a new study from the Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMOC) suggests that while marketers are investing in social media strategies and tactics, they are in fact struggling “to fully integrate social into their overarching marketing strategies,” unable to find the sweet spot where synergies can generate sales.

A potential disconnect: “Social consumers indicate they are looking for exclusive experiences, savings, and perks from the brands they like. But marketers still believe that content and connection to peers are the primary drivers to likes and follows.”

Another problem is that many marketers feel that despite all the money they are investing in social media, they do not have the right information or benchmarks by which to judge return on investment (ROI).

The CMOC study concludes: “Brands that gain social business advantage in 2012 will be those that feed unmet appetites for deeper engagement with each other and the brand. People are seeking more rewards with special offers, greater privilege, rank, and reputation. They want better experiences with games, contests, and other online engagement apps.”
KC's View:
Essentially, this seems to come down to the same old confusion that marketers often have about the difference between strategy and tactics. Social media is just another arrow in the quiver, another tool that allows them to achieve the kind of relationship with the shopper that they are seeking. It has to be part of a broader canvas of tools, like the superior in-store experience, appropriate pricing, transparent communications, and (at least in my view) great food.

In a vacuum, it is limited. But the sum of the parts can be much greater than the whole.