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by Kevin Coupe

Here’s something right out of Star Trek and its use of holodecks...

The Aloft hotel chain reportedly is testing a new holographic greeter, according to Marketing Daily, to increase its level of customer service.

The story describes the use of the technology this way:

“A holographic image projected onto a life-sized cut-out is so unique and lifelike that guests can't help but stop and stare. Aloft is using the greeter to provide information to their guests about their hotel’s amenities and offerings.  Aloft also provides information on the best local shopping destinations, golfing, spas transportation and restaurants.

“The concierge also presents high definition images of actual plates of food or products. Guests  are further enticed with smell through their AromaFusion technology as the image is projected.”

How cool is this. I can’t wait until I get a chance to go to an Aloft (one of my favorite hotel chains) and check it out ... and get a sense of how such holograms might be applied to other retail environments. A virtual butcher, for example? Or virtual employees that might appear in any aisle or department to help customers in need of assistance? (The unions aren’t going to be happy about this one...)

From here, one can imagine, it is just a short leap to holosuites, holodecks, and other sorts of augmented and artificial realities.

Totally cool.
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