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by Kevin Coupe

The other day it was holographic store greeters. Now, it is yet another technological innovation that is just a little bit mind-blowing.

USA Today reports that Kraft has developed a new sampling machine that “dispenses its mousse-like Temptations dessert by Jell-O, but only to the product's target market: grown-ups. The machine, developed by Intel, can detect facial age with a special camera that scans your face and determines if you're an adult or a kid. If the machine detects a child, it shuts down and asks the child to step away. If it detects an adult — bingo — the sample can be dispensed.”

First, I wonder how it would react to a 57-year-old man occasionally accused of having the emotional maturity of a 15-year-old? Just specific reason.

Second, do you think there will ever come a time when this kind of stuff will just seem like same-old, same-old?

I hope not. Because I just love being wowed on a regular basis.
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