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Reuters reports that Groupon’s daily deals business “grew in November as the largest daily deal company extended its lead over rival LivingSocial, according to estimates released on Wednesday.

“Groupon's gross billings totaled $154 million in November, up 6 percent from the $145 million it collected in October, Yipit estimated,” while “LivingSocial's gross billings declined 5 percent to $52 million in November, versus the previous month.”

Meanwhile, “'s daily deal business, AmazonLocal, generated $5.8 million in gross billings in November, down 6 percent from October. That was the first monthly decline since Amazon got into the business last year, Yipit noted.

“Google's daily deal business, Google Offers, generated $3.5 million in gross billings in November. That was up from October, helped by national deals run with large merchants including outdoor gear and clothing company REI, according to Yipit.”
KC's View:
Not sure about you, but my use of daily deal offers is totally based on what shows up in my email box. I get hundreds of these things, but they mainly seem to be for massages, manicures, pedicures and various other products and services that I have absolutely no need of or interest in.

But when I got an offer from Whole Foods, I used it. Or one from the local New Balance store, which I jumped all over. Who sent it to me did not matter. I don;t care if it is Groupon or LivingSocial or someplace else. There’s no loyalty to one site or another ... just interest in relevant deals.

(Which, in my view, would be one good reason not to invest in either company. They are only as good as their last deal, and that strikes me as a tenuous advantage at best. Of course, my investment advice is worth exactly what you are paying for it. A long time ago, I told my girlfriend - now my wife - that we should invest in J. Bildner & Sons because it struck me as a high-growth company. last time I ever invested in a retailer....)