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by Kevin Coupe

Shortly after Michael sent me his column yesterday, the following story was posted on the Chicago Tribune website:

Eastman Kodak Co. may be kicked off the New York Stock Exchange if it cannot boost its share price over the next six months, the latest blow to the once iconic photography company and blue-chip stock.

The company, whose shares fell more than 80 percent in 2011, received a warning from the New York Stock Exchange notifying it its average closing price was below $1.00 for 30 straight days.

Its shares, which hovered in the $90 range in 1997, closed at 76 cents per share Tuesday. Kodak was a component of the Dow Jones industrial average from 1930 until 2004.

Kodak warned in the statement it may not be able to meet the NYSE's listing requirements "given the liquidity challenges confronting the company and the recent market experience with our listed securities."

In other words, there is yet more evidence that Kodak remains a horse in a machine gun world.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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