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Walmart Labs, the California-based social media and mobile arm of the retail giant, announced yesterday that it has acquired Small Society, a Portland, Oregon-based Agency in the mobile development space.

CNN writes that “Walmart Labs is trying to evolve with the changing face of commerce as shoppers look to mobile and social channels to help augment the way they buy. The Labs, created out of the acquisition of Kosmix, has been on a buying spree of sorts, buying up Grabble in November and OneRiot in September.

“Anand Rajaraman, who leads Walmart Labs, said they bought Small Society for its laser focus on products and its commitment to consumers. Small Society impressed Rajaraman with its Zipcar app, and has also worked on apps for Starbucks and the Democratic National Convention. And now they will take their creations to Walmart’s big audience.”
KC's View:
Buying high-tech companies is one thing. But smoothly integrating their capabilities into the overall organization - especially when there reportedly is some resistance to such newfangled businesses in Walmart’s traditional bricks-and-mortar community - is something else again.

It is all well and good that these small companies now will have a big audience. We’ll see if the show is ready for prime time.