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CNN reports this morning that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has halted all imports of orange juice because of low levels of a fungicide called carbendazim had been found in products imported from Brazil.

The FDA now reportedly plans to test all imports for traces of the fungicide.

According to the story, “the FDA said it will examine all container shipments of orange juice that arrive at U.S. ports. The agency will sample contents from multiple parts of each shipment; the subsequent testing could take between five and ten business days.
Shipments that test negative for ‘detectable levels’ of carbendazim will be allowed to enter the country. But orange juice that shows a level of carbendazim equal to or higher than 10 parts per billion, a baseline FDA level of quantification, will be denied entry into the US ... if three of a company's shipments test negative for carbendazim, that company's shipments will no longer have to go through mandatory testing.”

About 25 percent of orange juice consumed in the US is imported, and 11 percent of all orange juice consumed here isn imported from Brazil.
KC's View:
Here’s the sentence that caught my attention:

Orange juice futures jumped almost 10% Tuesday amid fears that the U.S. government could ban Brazilian orange juice, but retreated in trading on Wednesday.

I smell a rat. Two rats. And they’re probably named Randolph and Mortimer Duke.

Would anybody be surprised to find out that this is yet another attempt by the nefarious Duke brothers to make money on orange juice futures? I think not.