retail news in context, analysis with attitude has announced that William Shatner, who has served as the company’s television pitchman for 14 years - and reportedly made millions of dollars because he took his compensation in stock instead of cash - will go out with a bang this weekend as he appears in his final commercial for the company.

In the commercial, which will be shown during the football playoffs, Shatner will be shown saving a group of passengers on a bus before plummeting to his death; he reportedly will be replaced by a new spokesman who will show up in the company’s Super Bowl commercial.
Shatner has noted that this is not the first time one of his characters has been killed off; in Star Trek: Generations, his Captain James T. Kirk also was shown plummeting to his death. (No bus was involved, however. Just a Nexus, a starship and a mad scientist.)

“"It was a great run," Shatner says. “But if the management says this is the end, this is the end."
KC's View:
If the new ad campaign doesn’t work out, you can bet real money that they’ll find a way to revive Shatner and bring him back. They can find him on Broadway, where he’ll be appearing in a new one-man show beginning next month. Or at home, where he probably will be counting all his money.