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The Business Journal has an interview with Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb in which he talked about the company’s current strategies. Some excerpts:

Re: store size... “We started to adjust our store size. Right here in Winston-Salem you’ve got a store that is 30,000-32,000 square feet. It feels pretty intimate. We made our stores a little smaller again. We really got back to our roots about being a healthy eating retailer. I think all of those things have really re-emphasized our connection to the community and to local producers.”

Re: marketing to Millennials... “Now with the Millennials coming in, they are interested in things like fair trade and whole trade. What we’ve seen is that our customer has become more ethnically diverse as well. People think well it’s just rich white people. No it’s actually not. It’s students and people of all ethnicities that are interested in health.”
KC's View:
What continues to impress me is the degree to which Whole Foods managed to come out of the recession as strong as ever, and was able to tack with the economic winds in a way that allowed the company often referred to as “Whole Paycheck” to remain a vital force and vibrant business model.