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Marketing Daily reports that Cabela’s, the outdoors clothing and equipment retailer, has developed a new, 40,000 square foot format called Cabela’s Outpost, which will be opened in “towns with populations of less than 250,000 people -- too small to support a full-sized store, but likely to have plenty of people avid about hunting, fishing and camping.”

The story says the “Outposts will still have the chain’s signature rugged outdoor look and theme, but will feature seasonal product assortments in a more flexible floor plan, which can create very different looks throughout the year. Digital signage will also be an important part of the interior layout.”

Perhaps most important - the stores will feature ordering kiosks that will connect the stores to the Cabela’s online catalog; people can order products for free-pickup at their local Outpost unit.

"This is an entirely new concept for us, and that is what is so exciting," CEO Tommy Millner says in a prepared statement. "They will extend our footprint into smaller markets and increase the range in which the Cabela's retail experience reaches our loyal customers."
KC's View:
This is the future. Small stores. Virtual stores. Changing expectations. Changing benchmarks. Looking for relevance at every turn and in every transaction.