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by Kevin Coupe

It probably is fair to say that Apple has proven itself to be a game changer in the technology arena, affecting in profound ways how people interact with their computers, smart phones and mobile devices. (Anyone want to disagree with that?) If one is going to be relevant in how one reaches consumers, one has to take into account all of the dramatic changes that have taken place - and likely will continue to take place - because of the company from Cupertino.

So consider these two statistics...

USA Today reports that the company expects to sell as many as 60 million iPads this year, bringing the total number if iPads sold since its introduction just two years ago to more than 100 million. (Notably, Apple is expected to announce the iPad 3 on Wednesday...and nobody knows precisely what that will do to sales.)

The Financial Times reports that more than 25 billion applications for the iPad, iPhone and iPad have been downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store. And keep in mind, the while notion of applications created by third party companies and sold via the iTunes Stores is a concept that is only four years old.

Think of it ... 100 million iPads in two years, and 25 billion applications in only four years.

That’s an Eye-Opener.
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