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by Kevin Coupe

It didn’t get a lot of attention yesterday, but Apple hosted an event in San Francisco at which CEO Tim Cook introduced a new iPad that will go on sale next week., and that has a 9.7-inch high-def retina display, a faster processor, and more battery power. It also introduced a new and improved Apple TV system with 1080p definition and software that is said to be vastly improved and better integrated so it can be controlled by the iPad.

All of which continues to push forward the importance of mobile computing, which is really what businesses need to think about.

As was noted the other day on MNB, Apple expects to sell as many as 60 million iPads this year, bringing the total number if iPads sold since its introduction just two years ago to more than 100 million.

Can’t leave home without one.

That’s an Eye-Opener.
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