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Reuters reports that William Morrison Supermarkets, the UK’s fourth-ranked food chain, says it is “well-placed to resist any attempt by wounded market leader Tesco to make gains in the fresh food battleground after leading the way with its own fresh format stores.”

The story notes that “last year Morrisons launched a new fresh food concept in 12 stores, introducing 350 more fruit and vegetable products, reducing space given over to processed foods and knocking down walls so customers can see its butchers, bakers and fishmongers in action.”

Tesco has responded to a decline in its UK market share by promising to build new stores, refresh old ones, spend money on customer service and hire as many as 20,000 people to help staff its fleet.

But Morrisons CEO Dalton Philips says that his chain will quickly move to roll out the fresh format, and also plans to expand its convenience store business from from three test stores, adding 15-20 this year and as many as 50 next year.
KC's View:
It isn’t as if we’ve all discovered that the emperor (Tesco) has no clothes. But I think we’ve certainly come to the realization that one thing Tesco is not wearing is an impenetrable suit of armor.