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by Kevin Coupe

MNB user Tom Kroupa sent me a link to a TED talk that is an absolute must-watch. (TED - which stands for “Technology, Entertainment and Design - is a non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating “ideas worth spreading” through conferences that take place all over the country at which presenters have just 18 minutes to make their case.)

In this case , the speaker is a designer named Kelli Anderson, who makes the case that “the world is full of order that does not necessarily deserve our respect.” And she offers three examples of how she deconstructed institutions that desperately needed rethinking, and put them back together in innovative ways. (The bit about the New York Times is priceless and as Tom said when he sent it to me, it may be one of the most entertaining things you’ve seen in years.)

So check it out here. Trust me - if you are a business leader, or imagine yourself to be someone for whom innovation is a high priority, is is absolutely worth the investment of 16 minutes and six seconds.

It is an Eye-Opener. The very best kind. And a great way to begin the week.
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