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Advertising Age reports that in a recent pitch to marketers, Walmart CMO Stephen Quinn called the retailer “an experience platform” that cuts across all the company’s various enterprises (in-store, advertising, online and social media) and, because of the retailer’s extensive reach and traffic, can be viewed as “one of the highest-reach media options to be found in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.”
KC's View:
In some ways, what this suggests is that Walmart is trying to develop a broad strategy, with all these pieces - physical stores, online retailing, various marketing initiatives - becoming tactical extensions of that strategy. It seems to make sense in a 21st century retailing environment, but there will be those who will question whether Walmart can culturally pull it off. Sure, the company makes all the right noises, but in the end, it may just be too rooted in a brick-and-mortar tradition to really be able to make all this “experience platform” stuff work.