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by Kevin Coupe

An idea that’s time has come...?

There reportedly is a new company out in Silicon Valley that has come up with a new idea that could change the face of e-commerce through the delivery of what Stephen Colbert called “intercontinental ballistic munchies.”

The company and idea is called “Tacocopter,” and the idea is to allow people to order tacos via their smartphones, and then have unmanned drones deliver them to the customer by identifying their location through the use of the GPS system in their devices. You pay online, so all the Tacocopter has to do is drop the tacos off and fly off to make its next delivery.

Which sounds, once one stops laughing, actually like a really cool idea.

Except for one problem. According to various reports, US law makes such a system illegal; it is against the law to fly unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes within US borders.

As opposed to, say, using them to drop bombs on foreign countries.

Which made me think. I wonder if we’d be any further along in the war against terrorists if we were dropping tacos - and maybe even burgers and fries - on these towns and villages instead of bombs.

(Think about it. Instead of destroying things and killing people, we just send them hot, salty fast food that they get totally addicted to. Either they drop their guns and decide to try to buy a McDonald’s franchise, or they keep eating and give themselves a heart attack. Either way, we win.)

I’m just thinking...
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