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Phil Humber, who underwent Tommy John surgery on his pitching arm in 2005, threw a perfect game on Saturday afternoon as the Chicago White Sox beat the Seattle Mariners 4-0. It was the first perfect game pitched in Major League Baseball in almost two years, the third pitched for the White Sox in the team’s history, and just the 21st in the history of the sport.
KC's View:
It was noted with some frustration around our house that Humber was a first round pick for the New York Mets when he was drafted ... and that not only have the Mets never had a perfect game thrown for them in their entire history, but they’ve never even had a no-hitter. (Despite having pitchers like Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan and Dwight Gooden on the staff at various times.)


BTW...we got proof positive yesterday that God must be a Red Sox fan. Because it rained so hard in New England that the Sox-Yankees game got postponed.