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Internet Retailer reports on the continuing smartphone revolution:

“Of 49.6 billion visits to the top 500 e-retailers in 2014, 26.4 billion, or 53.2%, will stem from smartphones, predicts mobile commerce technology vendor Branding Brand in a new study.

“There will be 41.0 billion visits to the top 500 e-commerce sites this year, 10.1 billion, or 24.6%, coming from smartphones, the study predicts.”

The increase in mobile traffic has a dramatic in-store implication, too, says Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand. “Mobile is the only online shopping touch-point you can bring with you offline. The question is, how do you better serve customers with mobile devices in stores?” he says. “You need to be there studying to see how this affects your brand. In today’s highly mobile environment, you have to follow your consumers as they change right in front of you.”
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