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Reuters reports that Carrefour's incoming CEO, Georges Plassat, is already making changes, dismissing Chief Commercial Officer Jose Carlos Gonzales-Hurtado and Marketing Director Patrick Rouvillois as he looks to put his own stamp on the company.

According to the story, Plassat "has a record of company restructuring and a reputation as a ruthless cost-cutter," and his challenge "is to reverse years of underperformance in Carrefour's European markets, notably in France, at a time of muted wage growth, government austerity measures and rising prices that are squeezing disposable incomes."
KC's View:
Ironic, of course, that France's biggest retailer has hired a "ruthless cost cutter" to get the company in shape at a time when the general population apparently has hired a new president who rejects austerity as a way of dealing with the nation's economic problems.