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Fast Company reports that the US Postal Service (USPS), suffering from budget shortfalls in the billions of dollars, has decided to "prohibit iPads, Kindles, smartphones, and other electronics with lithium batteries from being mailed to overseas troops or foreign customers," which means that people wanting to ship such items "will have to use private parcel services at higher prices."

The reason, according to the USPS, is that "lithium batteries, which power many personal electronic devices, can explode or catch fire in certain conditions."

The story notes that "in order to get around this, consumer electronic manufacturers such as Apple or Amazon ship their products with a minimal charge - which mitigates the safety risk."
KC's View:
Look, I get that shipping products with lithium batteries creates safety risks. But I also gather that shipping such products is a multibillion dollar business each year, and that the USPS just took itself out of the game.

There had to be another way to approach this than just to issue a blanket ban.

On the other hand, for the USPS, it seems to be business as usual.