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The Associated Press reports on a new AP-CNBC poll saying that half of those surveyed say that Facebook is just a "passing fad," with an equally high percentage saying that the company's expected Initial Public Offering (IPO) price is "too high."

Not surprisingly, 59 percent of those surveyed under the age of 35 said that they think an investment in Facebook would be a good bet, while only 39 percent of those over 65 think the same thing.

As the story notes, "The company Mark Zuckerberg created as a Harvard student eight years ago is preparing for what looks to be the biggest Internet IPO ever. Expected later this week, Facebook's Wall Street debut could value the company at $100 billion, making it worth more than Disney, Ford and Kraft Foods.

"That's testament to the impressive numbers Facebook has posted in its relatively brief history. More than 40 percent of American adults log in to the site --to share news, personal observations, photos and more-- at least once a week. In all, some 900 million people around the world are users. Facebook's revenue grew from $777 million in 2009 to $3.7 billion last year. And in the first quarter of 2012 it was more than $1 billion."
KC's View:
I'm not sure that "fad" is the right word. It may be that business cycles move faster than ever, and that company lifespans are shorter than ever ... unless they continue to innovate, challenge their own processes, strategies and tactics, and embrace the changes that, if implemented by a competitor, might put them out of business.

Is Facebook that kind of company? Maybe. Maybe not.

But the continuum of which it is a part is in no way a fad. People who think that it is are just kidding themselves.