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• The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that "an African American shopper who says he suffers emotional distress and mental afflictions caused by a racist intercom announcement he heard two years ago at a Wal-Mart store in Washington Township, Gloucester County, is suing the retail giant for $1 million.

Donnell Battie, 35, of Winslow Township, was in the crowded store on Route 42 the evening of March 14, 2010, when a male voice said over the loudspeaker: 'Attention Wal-Mart customers, all black people must leave the store'."

A sixteen year old boy was arrested, charged with harassment and bias intimidation, and was sentenced to probation and forced to apologize in writing to Battie.
KC's View:
I want to be a little careful here, because I do not want to minimize this kid's crime. Not only should he have been punished, but I might have thrown the book at his parents - if I found out that my kid had done such a thing, I'd be mortified at having done such a lousy job raising my child.

That said, suing Walmart for $1 million seems a little extreme.