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Amazon put out a press release yesterday offering its list of the nation's best-read cities, based on sales data of all books, magazines and newspapers in both print and Kindle format since June 1, 2011...and the winners, in order, are:

• Alexandra, Virginia
• Cambridge, Massachusetts
• Berkeley, California
• Ann Arbor, Michigan
• Boulder, Colorado
• Miami, Florida
• Arlington, Virginia,
• Gainesville, Florida
• Washington, DC
• Salt Lake City, Utah
• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
• Knoxville, Tennessee
• Seattle, Washington
• Orlando, Florida
• Columbia, South Carolina
• Bellevue, Washington
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• St. Louis, Missouri
• Atlanta, Georgia
• Richmond, Virginia

In addition, the survey found that Berkeley topped the list of cities where people ordered the most Travel books, Boulder has the most buyers of Health, Fitness and Diet books, Alexandria had more people ordering Romance books, and Cambridge was tops when it came to people ordering books about Business and Investing.
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