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...with brief, occasional, italicized and sometimes gratuitous commentary... reports, with the gusto expected from a site that covers one of the nation's great food cities, on how Costco plans to open a store there next year:

"Costco is moving to New Orleans. That's right, Consumer Reports' top-rated retail chain is moving into the City. When the giant 'club' retailer opens next year. we won't even have to go to the burbs to go to a place where we can do some serious stocking up. That three month supply of toilet paper, that urn to put your ashes in. It'll all be under one 148,000 sq. ft. roof over near where the I-10 spits you off onto Carrollton Ave. Sure, they might be a giant corporation, but this warehouse chain possesses one alluring feature that succeeds in making everybody's ears perk up: FREE SAMPLES!"

I love it when folks where their hearts ... or, in this case, their stomachs ... on their sleeves.

Reuters reports that Kraft Foods is lowering the prices on many of the coffee brands it sells in the US, including its flagship Maxwell House, by about six percent, because of lower green coffee costs. The story notes that "the move comes three days after J.M. Smucker Co. cut the cost of well-known brands Folgers and Dunkin' Donuts by an average of 6 percent. It is the second cut to coffee prices since August 2011 for both companies."

Bloomberg reports that McDonald's, which already has some 80,000 employees in China, plans to hire another 70,000 there this year " as it accelerates new store openings in the Asian nation." The fast feeder opened 200 units there last year and plans to open another 250 this year.

So they give us moo shu pork, and we give them Big Macs? Talk about a trade imbalance...
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