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The Monterey Herald reports that Safeway has reinstated Ryan Young, a Northern California meat clerk who was suspended after he intervened in a domestic dispute taking place in the company's Del Rey Oaks store. Young stepped in when he saw a customer beating his pregnant girlfriend, and while police arrested the man and praised him for intervening, Safeway suspended him because it was concerned about "his actions after the initial interaction."

Safeway says that Young will receive lost pay and benefits and will be back at work "soon," albeit at another Safeway store in the region.
KC's View:
Safeway clearly hopes that this decision will make this particular nightmare go away - the issue was getting national attention, with some people picketing the company and others calling for a boycott of the chain.

As has been pointed out here on MNB by some of our readers, it is possible that Safeway felt compelled to suspend Ryan because of concerns about precedent. But the company may have been a little tone-deaf, since it seemed clear that Ryan was acting with character and courage, and trying to prevent an act of violence and cowardice.

As I said the other day in this space, I hope that, faced with the same situation, I would behave as well.