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The International Food Information Council (IFIC) is out with its 2012 "Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology & Sustainability" survey, which says that "Americans remain highly supportive of existing federal rules for labeling foods produced through biotechnology and very few cite biotechnology as an information need on the food label."

According to the survey, "Satisfaction with current food labels remains high, despite extensive coverage of biotech labeling and modern food production issues in traditional and social media. Seventy-six percent of consumers could not think of any additional information (other than what is already required) that they wish to see on food labels. Of the 24 percent who wanted more information, 36 percent wanted information related to nutritional content; 19 percent wanted more information about ingredients; and 18 percent wanted more food safety related information, such as possible allergens. Only three percent of the 24 percent subset (or about five people and less than one percent of all surveyed) wanted more information about biotechnology. In addition, eighty-seven percent of Americans say they have not taken any action out of concern about biotechnology."
KC's View:
I have to be a little careful about this one, because I don;t want to be so locked into my own point of view - that companies need to be more transparent, providing more information, that there is no such thing as "enough," especially when it comes to GMOs - that I discount these findings.

In some ways, I don;t think consumers always know what they need or want, because they're not really aware of context or consequences. One really good GMO-related food scare, and I'll bet you could change these numbers pretty quickly.

I understand the arguments against. But I continue to believe in my heart that technology and culture are leading us to a place where transparency will be unavoidable and, at the same time, will be a differential competitive advantage to those who embrace it.